PM commits all possible support to Dutch firms (2024)

Amsterdam (VNA) – The Vietnamese Government commits all possible support to Dutch firms to do business for a long term in Vietnam, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has stated during meetings with business representatives as part of his official visit to the Netherlands.

At a working session with President of the Confederation of Netherlands’ Industry and Employers (VNO-NCW) Ingrid Thijssen on December 11 (local time), PM Chinh said the Netherlands is now the biggest EU investor in Vietnam, ranking eighth out of 141 countries and territories investing in the country with 409 valid projects worth 13.7 billion USD.

With the most developed logistics system globally, the Netherlands is both a major importer of Vietnam and a significant gateway for Vietnam’s goods transshipment to the EU. The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement also opens up opportunities for the two countries’ enterprises to expand economic cooperation.

He suggested the VNO-NCW continue serving as a bridge for Dutch firms to invest in Vietnam, especially in hi-tech, innovation, digital transformation, green and clean energy, sustainable agriculture, infrastructure and logistics while helping the Vietnamese companies join regional and global supply chains.

Speaking highly of Vietnam’s efforts to improve business environment, Thijssen proposed enhancing economic, trade and investment ties between the Netherlands and Vietnam, especially in fields of the Netherlands’ strength and Vietnam’s demand such as logistics, hi-tech agriculture, food and seaports.

Receiving CEO of Heineken NV Dolf van den Brink while visiting Heineken Global headquarters in Amsterdam, the Vietnamese PM lauded the effective operations of the Heineken-SATRA joint venture, one of the first foreign-invested firm in Vietnam in beer production and distribution. It has so far operated six factories with over 3,000 direct workers and 150,000 indirect jobs in Vietnam.

The brewer has to date invested 1 billion USD in Vietnam and plans to pour additional 500 million USD into the country.

PM Chinh asked Heineken to continue using modern and sustainable technology while doing business in Vietnam to contribute to local social welfare and environmental protection. He also vowed to fine-tune taxation policies in the spirit of harmonising interests and sharing risks between the State, investors and people.

The Vietnamese Government will partner with and assist Heineken in expanding operations, he said.

Talking with leading Dutch enterprises in the afternoon the same day, Chinh said Vietnam is pooling global support to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. With huge potential in wind and solar energy, Vietnam needs the support of global community in capital, technology, workforce training, governance and institution building to fully tap the potential. The PM called on international partners to provide loans at preferential rates to develop renewable energy.

He added that as agriculture is a pillar of the Vietnamese economy, the country is shifting to sustainable agriculture. The country expects to export nearly 7 million tonnes of rice and about 50 billion USD worth of farm produce this year.

With a 3,260km coastline, Vietnam wishes to cooperate with the Netherlands in seaport building, contributing to turning the country into an international hub of logistics and transshipment, he said, adding that with the huge volume of goods transported through maritime routes in the East Sea, Vietnam is consistent with it stance on ensuring security, safety and freedom of overflight and navigation in the East Sea, settling disputes by peaceful means in line with international law, and sustainably exploiting sand and marine resources.

He also informed Dutch businesses on Vietnam's policies on transfer pricing, avoidance of double taxation and intellectual protection, along with the development direction of the Vietnam-Netherlands cooperation from a development partnership to mutual beneficial cooperation.

The CEO of Heineken NV, Dolf van den Brink, said the group wants to contribute to Vietnam's efforts to realise its strong commitment of net zero commission, and made several proposals on energy purchase mechanism and solar energy.

Leaders of the Boskalis group said it can provide policy consultation to Vietnam in setting up a legal framework for sustainable sand exploitation at sea.

Executive Director ofDamen Shipyards Gorinchem, Arnout Damen said the firm plans to invest 100 million more USD in ship building in Vietnam, and wants to help Vietnam develop a green transport network.

Representatives fromAkzoNobel mentioned the issue of IP and investment in logistics, and affirmed that the firm is ready to work with Vietnam in realising goals in climate change response./.

PM commits all possible support to Dutch firms (2024)


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